5 Amazing bedtime storybooks for your 5-8-year-old kid

Stories are the best things to teach children about feelings, values, morals, dreams, and facts. While going to bed, reading books helps kids imbibe lots of things that they know or learn about from books, explore thoughts and imagination in their little minds. It adds more value when your kids had learned to read on their own and they can read aloud and feel confident.

  • Bedtime Is Canceled: This amazing book tells about two siblings who want the bedtime to be canceled. It’s funfilled, comic with illustrations and learns the importance of bedtime. Get it with a great deal on amazon.
  • I Dare You Not to Yawn: Yawning is normal when its bedtime. and once it starts, it continues until the kid goes to sleep. You might need this book to dare your kid not to yawn. They will surely love and learn how to avoid yawning. Get one for your little one from amazon.
  • What Do You Do With an Idea?: Ideas can come anytime in a kid’s mind. And they might wonder how to make the best use of it. This book will help them to greatly enhance their ideas with dreams and imaginations they have after reading it. Grab it from the amazon store at great price.
  • Bedtime Math: The Truth Comes Out: Math problems are haunting for some and fun for some kids. You can make it interesting and exciting with this bedtime book that has math problems associated with adventurous explorations and activities. Bring one home by purchasing from amazon online store.
  • Bedtime Stories for Kids: Volume 1: Some children might not be interested in listening or reading long stories. This collection of small, sweet and simple bedtime stories. The stories are easy to read and have vibrant and fun illustrations to engage younger readers. Buy a paperback copy from amazon.

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