10 Science and Tech toys for kids

Science and Technology are all around us, from a tiny balloon that blows to become huge to a seedling that grows to a plant, everything has a science behind it. Kids too are fascinated with the things happening around them. They learn a lot of things in their school from textbooks, writing assignments, and performing […]

5 Exciting and fun products for your music lover kid

Keyboard Piano: One of the best musical instruments with wide options is a keyboard piano. This instrument has lots of functions such as recording, creating own music compositions, tempo and chord setting, etc. to fulfill all desires of a music lover kid. Microphone add on makes it more fun and exciting. The USB charging system […]

5 basic cooking tools for your children

Cooking with kids invites lots of learning and fun as well. To make it more exciting and interesting for the little ones, proper preparations should be done so that they can feel it more comfortable and handy. Using large sized kitchen tools such as pots, knives can be uneasy as well as dangerous. Something that […]

Enjoy Cooking these 5 dishes with your kids

Your kids are in a growing stage and nutrition is a vital criteria. Foods with an ample amount of necessary nutrients, minerals are always required for the growing child’s both mental and physical development. Preparing good and healthy food for them becomes an important duty for parents. However, involving kids makes it more fun and […]

5 Learning activities to encourage kids for saving the environment

Saving the environment is the topmost duty of us humans. And teaching our children about its importance is another duty of us to follow. Though the education system is very well providing knowledge about the environment and its conservation to younger minds. We as parents should involve them in activities that encourage them to get […]

5 items from household children can use for interesting constructions

Children love creativity and its a quality that always has to be developing in a child’s overall growth. There are many ways they can perform their creative skills and further improve it. From doing some artistic activities like painting, sculpting, etc. to some basic DIY there are several activities. You can help them explore their […]

5 Picture books for Kids about engineers and inventors

A children’s mind is so full of imagination, unique thoughts and even possibilities of invention or engineering. If your child shows interest in some of such activities, encourage them to learn and how they could get more ideas and inspiration. Here, are few picture books that tell them about engineers and inventors who did something […]

5 cool activities for your kids around mathematics

Math learning improves lots of skills and qualities in a growing child such as memory, attention, problem-solving and other cognitive skills. Making it more fun and cool can increase the interests and relieve the phobia some kids suffer over maths. Here are some activities that will help develop a strong foundation and understand the concepts […]

5 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for your Kid

Birthdays are a special moment for every kid. It’s time to enjoy with family, have friends invited, get gifts, eat yummy food, play around and have lots of fun. Children love to have birthday parties arranged for them based on a nice idea along with delicious and designer cake. Here are some unique Birthday Party […]